Getting to Italy

Get a cheap airfare to Italy, find just the right tour or air-hotel vacation package, or book a transatlantic cruise

All roads lead to Italy
All roads lead to Italy.
This is the one area where you have the opportunity to save several hundred dollars on your trip before you even leave home. This section aims to help you do just that.

Airfares to Italy from North America can range anywhere from $350 to $2,000 simply in coach class. I'm here to help you help you find tickets closer to that $350 mark (or, at the very least, in the $400 to $700 range). Most flights will be into Rome or Milan, though there are some from JFK into Venice and Palermo.

But you don't have to fly there. You may choose to get to Italy via a vacation package (buying your airfare and hotel nights—or plane tickets and rental car—together to save money on both) or on a tour of some sort—whether it's sixty happy people on a bus hitting the highlights, a tiny group of gourmand art aficionados biking through Tuscany, or a church pilgrimage to various holy sites. And, of course, there's always plying the Pond the old fashioned way: on a leisurely transatlantic cruise.

That takes care of folks in North America, but what if you're already in Europe, or are going to be and are merely looking to add Italy to your itinerary? This section also covers how to get to Italy from elsewhere in Europe and the British Isles, whether by plane (best on no-frills or low-cost airlines), train, bus, or ferry (from Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Spain, Albania, or Tunisia).

One method of arrival in Italy that doesn't have its own sub-section here is how to get to Italy by automobile because that one's utterly simple. If you're coming to Italy by car, just keep driving south and over the Alps; you can't miss it. (Once you're in Italy, however, you will want to check out the information, tips, and resources in the "Getting Around: By Car" section.)

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