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The museums, monuments, churches, palazzi and other sights in Florence

You can choose to peruse the sights along whatever sort of criteria you like: Top sights, Reid's List (my own faves), various Top 10 lists, or by neighborhood or category (church, museum, etc.).

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Florence tourist info

Florence tourist information
Via Cavour 1R
tel. +39-055-290-832

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How long does Florence take?

Planning your day: Florence would well be worth a week, but you can still fit a lot into just a day or three.

To help you get the most out of your limited time in the Cradle of the Renaissance, here are some perfect itineraries, whether you have one, two, or three days to spend in Florence.

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What the star ratings mean

I've rated every sight and experience from zero to three stars. However, note that a rating of "no-stars" does not mean those sighs are not worth the bother.

In fact, in any other city they'd probably rank much higher. They're just cursed to be in Florence, competing for your precious vacation time alongside the Uffizi, the Duomo, and Michelangelo's David—all solid three-stars.

Think of it this way: those "no-star" sights have actually made the cut. There are dozens upon dozens of smaller churches, museums, monuments, and other Florence sights don't even have a review here at all, so getting in—even with no stars—is still a major accomplishment.

This is all a purely subjective rating, but it will help you get a sense of which sights pack the highest wow factor—and where to spend your time. In fact, you could view the starts thusly:

  • Anything rated three stars you should try to see even if you only have one day in Florence.
  • With two days, you can try to pack in as many two-starred sights as well.
  • With three or four days, you'll have time to fit in some one-star sights around the edges of your sightseeing schedule.
  • If you're lucky enough to be in town for more than four days, you might take the time to visit some of the no-starred sights.

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Florence tourist info

Florence tourist information
Via Cavour 1R
tel. +39-055-290-832

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