Hotels in the Cinque Terre

Where to stay in the Cinque Terre—Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Corniglia, and Manarola

There are two main choices for lodging in the Cinque Terre: (1) booking a Cinque Terre hotel (detailed just below) or (2) renting a private room or apartment (detailed toward the end of this page).

You can also get leads on places to stay at the national park website:

Here is my favorite booking aggregator for hotels and other options, followed by a few good leads on renting a private place.

Note: Due to the floods of Octber 25, 2011, nearly all of Vernazza and the Old Town of Monterosso are currently closed. Until these towns recover and rebuild, you'll have to stay elsewhere (though most of the the New Town of Monterosso is open for business).

Hotels in Riomaggiore

Hotels in Monterosso al Mare

Hotels in Vernazza

Note: Again, the town is currently closed while they rebuild following the 2011 floods.

Hotels in Corniglia

Renting a room or apartment in the Cinque Terre

Prices varies widely based on size and location (and view—sea views tend to cost more), but expect a room or apartment for two anywhere in the Cinque Terre to run about €60 to €120.

Rental rooms and apartments in Riomaggiore

Your best bet for finding a room or flat to rent in the Cinque Terre is in Riomaggiore, where there are several fantastic rental agencies, the first two of which I have used personally in the past:

  • Cinque Terre Holidays (Via Colombo 94, tel. +39-0187-760-073), about halfway down the main street on the left under a pink-and-white striped awning (though one of the Fazioli brothers, Luciano or Roberto, often meet arriving trains to drum up business); they also run a B&B.
  • Mar Mar (Via Malborghetto 4; tel. +39-0187-920-932;, with an office down at the bottom of the main street.
  • Riorooms (Via Colombo 158, tel. +39-0187-920-192;, on the main street; reps four apartments.

Rental rooms and apartments in Vernazza

In Vernazza, contact the Trattoria Gianni Franzi (tel. +39-0187-821-003; to rent one of the basic rooms squirreled away in the buildings above the restaurant (lots of stairs to climb), some with brilliant views over the coast; you can call ahead, or just drop by the restaurant's bar by the harborside at Piazza G. Marconi 5 (though, outside summer high season, the restaurant is closed Wednesdays, so you can't check in); it's closed early January to early March.

Rental rooms and apartments in Manarola

In Manarola, contact Arpaiu (Via Belvedere 196, tel. +39-340-687-9732, for rental rooms (and a few apartments) with modern appointments and stunning coastal views starting at €85–€90.

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