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Dull city and southern gateway to the Amalfi Coast, 59 km (35 miles) southeast of Naples via highway, 25km (16 miles) from Amalfi

Salerno—shipping port, anchor of the Amalfi Coast's eastern end, and gateway to southern Campania—ain't much to look at, largely tahnks to World War II bombs.

Salerno is a minor modern Italian port city, bustling it its own way, but of little interest to most visitors save as a transfer station between Amalfi Coast buses and Italy's main rail lines.

Think of it just mainly as a stopping point between the Amalfi Coast to the west, the Cliento Coast stretching to the south (home to the Greek temples at Paestum ) and the regional capital of Naples to the north.

(I should note that Salerno's western suburb of Vietri sul Mare is a major center for traditional hand-painted ceramics).

If you're just here in order to move on, know this: If arriving from the Amalfi Coast, stay on the bus until its end of the line, a block down and a few blocks over from the train station.

If, however, you find yourself with more than 45 minutes to kill in town, here's the scoop:

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Provincial info office:
Via Lungomare Trieste 7–9
(administrative office: Via Velia 15)
tel. +39-089-231-432

Tourist info:
Piazza Amendola 8
tel. +39-089-224-744

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