The Duomo group ★★★

Florence Cathedral, Baptistry, Belltower, and Museum
Florence Cathedral, Baptistry, Belltower, and Museum.

Florence's Duomo (Cathedral), Baptistery with its Gates of Paradise, Bell Tower designed by Giotto, and the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo museum

The Catehdral of FlorenceThe Duomo (cathedral) of Florence—official name: Santa Maria del FIore—is clad in festive white, green, and pink marbles, with a flamboyant neo-Gothic facade from the 18th century, all capped by Brunelleschi's massive brick-red dome that rears nobly above the city skyline.

The cathedral is joined on its lively square by the baptistery, Giotto's bell tower, and a museum, a group of buildings that together will gobble up about one to three hours of your time.

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How long does the Duomo group take?

Planning your day: It should take about 20–30 minutes inside the Duomo itself, another 20–30 minutes in and around the Baptistery.

Climbing either Brunelleschi's dome (463 steps) or Giotto's bell tower (414 steps) will take about an hour each.

The Duomo museum will eat up 45–90 minutes of your time, depending on how into it you get.

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Timing your visit

The ticket allows you to enter each sight two times, if you wish, but sadly is only good for the day you buy it, so you have to do them all at once.

If you happen to visit on a Sunday, arrive just after early lunch to hit the baptistery first—as it's open only 8:30am to 2pm—then do the cathedral once it reopens after morning mass.

Cumulative ticket

While the cathedral itself is free, everything else in the Duomo group are on a single, €15 cumulative ticket that covers all of the Opera del Duomo group sights: the Duomo itself, Cupola (cathedral dome) Baptistry, Campanile (Belltower), S. Reparata (excavations under the Duomo), and the newly repoened the Museo.

Sadly, the ticket is is only good for the day you buy it, so you have to do them all at once.

Note: All the sights in the Duomo group are also covered by the Firenze Card. » more

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