The Mercato Nuovo

Florence's covered "New Market," a.k.a. the "Straw Market"

The Mercato Nuovo, Mercato del Procellino, Straw Market in Florence
The Mercato Nuovo (Photo by Dan Kamminga)
Florence's old covered "Straw Market" actually dates back to the 11th century, but has been called the "New Market" since 1551, when it became shaded by a lovely Renaissance loggia.

It still has a stall or two selling the straw hats and bags for which it was once famous, but mostly it's tourist souvenirs now.

For such a relatively small market, it has a large number of nicknames. Most Florentines call it the Mercato del Porcellino, or "Market of the Little Pig," after the bronze statue of a boar on the south side—a Renaissance copy by Pietro Tacca (Giambologna's student) of an ancient work in the Uffizi. Rub his shiny snout for good luck.

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Via Calimala/Via Por Santa Maria at Via Porta Rossa
tel. +39 055-290-832


Mon–Sat: 8:30am-7pm


Free admission


Bus: C2
Hop-on/hop-off: Santa Croce (A), Corso Tintori (C)

How long does Mercato Nuovo take?

Planning your day: The market is pretty tiny, but if you're passing by at least take 15 minutes to admire the loggia and to thread your way between the close stalls, browsing for souvenirs..

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The souvenirs

They are of souvenir quality, but unlike in the shops you can haggle here, and the prices are decent.

Watch out for pickpockets!

Seriously, keep an eye on your belongings!

Fantastic bookstore closeby

loads of art and history books, and large table with English-language titles in the center—just across the street from the market's eastern flank.

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