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OK, first things first: I'm a guy. So what do I know from telling women how to travel? I did canvas my female friends and colleagues to compose some general tips and information for women traveling alone in Europe. But when it comes to specifics and tours, I think I'll leave that to the real experts.

There are a few great resources out there for female travelers. If you're looking for tours and travel companies geared toward women, check out Partner InfoHub.com (www.infohub.com), which represents dozens of travel agencies and tour companies specializing in women's travel (though the number you see on the results pages may vary month to month).

The other great resource is The Gutsy Traveler (www.gutsytraveler.com), run by women's travel expert—and TravelGirl magazine's adventure editor—Marybeth Bond. (She also happens to be a friend of mine. I hiked and camped with her once in the Grand Canyon area and trust me: she's eminently capable and knows what she's talking about.) The focus here is split between recommending women (and family) tours and adventure travel (so for adventurous women, this should be your first stop).

She's also involved in Gutsywomentravel.com (www.gutsywomentravel.com), a women's tour company. Other tours for women include www.sightsandsoul.com and the upscale www.wellarrangedtravel.com.

Then there are Journeywoman.com, Womentraveltips.com, and the blog Boldly Go Solo (www.boldlygosolo.typepad.com)—which is about single travel in general, but is maintained by a woman (Ellen Perlman) so it's full of good advice for solo women on the road.

The hospitality exchange service of Womenwelcomewomen.org.uk can help you find a free place to spend the night.

Then there are the new (as of 2009) and terribly self-consciously hip Web sites Girl's Guide to the World (www.girlsguidetotheworld.com) and a domestic specialist, See Jane Fly (www.seejanefly.com).

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