Tours to Italy for niche groups

Tours for everyone: Seniors and students, singles and families, the faithful, the gay, and the disabled

I realize "niche groups" is an odd phrase, but I was looking for something that included all tours aimed at, well, basically anyone who isn't a middle-aged, able-bodied, single, heterosexual male. (Even if, if the personal ads are anything to go by, such a creature does not actually exist.)

In other words, here are tours aimed specifically at special-interest or special-needs groups, from women, seniors, students, pilgrims or other religiously-minded travelers (this being Italy, that means mostly Christian—though I do have a page on Jewish Italy), to singles, families, gays and lesbians, and the physically challenged.

(I also have links to pages with some hints, tips, and notes on what to expect while traveling in Italy for most of those groups.)

I'm not saying these categories are mutually exclusive; just that they are some of the most popular tour themes aimed at niche groups. For all I know, you're a born-again octogenarian lesbian in a wheelchair who has gone back to grad school and wants to take the whole family to Italy—in which case, boy are there a lot of potential tours right up your alley.

Since, however, nothing else really ties any of those groups together, each gets its own page:

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