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The wheelchair-bound may not be abel to climb the Leaning Tower, but they can still enjoy the museums of Pisa.
The wheelchair-bound may not be able to climb the Leaning Tower, but they can still enjoy the museums of Pisa.
Italy won't win many awards for accessibility (though, in their defense, much of the country was designed—and its major sights built—centuries before the invention of wheelchairs).

I have a whole page devoted to tips and advice for travelers with various kinds of physical challenges.

This page is devoted to tour companies for the handicapped that help make visiting Italy that much easier.

Tour companies serving the physically challenged

Accessible Italy ( - A non-profit entity organizing tour and tourism services in Italy for the disabled since 1995. Tours, equipment rentals, a catalog of accessible accommodations, and all sorts of resources and tips.

Accessible Europe ( - Tours and city breaks from a company run by Massimo Micotti, an Italian operator of handicapped tours since 1993.

Accessible Italian Holidays Service for the Disabled ( - Really, the name sums it up. Tours, rentals, and other services in popular Italian destinations.

Accessible Journeys (800-846-4537, - Since 1985, offering to arrange independent tours all over the world for physically challenged travelers, plus group tours and cruises all around the globe (including Italy).

Flying Wheels Travel (877-451-5006, - One of the best and longest-established operators, offering various escorted tours and cruises, as well as private tours in minivans with lifts. Nothing currently for Italy, but contact them.

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