City walking tours and bike tours in Italy

Guided walks, bike tours, and Segway tours in Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and other Italian cities

A Segway tour of Pisa
A Segway tour of Pisa.
There’s no better way to bring a city’s culture and history to life than through a professional guide’s anecdotes, character sketches, jokes, and tons of background details. And the easiest (and cheapest) way to get one is to sign up for a guided walking tour, group bike tour, or Segway tour.

Guided specialty walking tours can run the gamut from a spin through the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel to a private tour of the art & architecture of Venice to a stroll through Bologna's gourmet side of pasta, mortadella, and chocolate.

Or you can move a bit faster on two wheels with a bike tour of Bologna, or gliding through Tuscany past a medieval monastery and the Etruscan village of Fiesole before coasting back down into Florence, or hop aboard a Segway tour of Pisa or Milan).

For some walks, you must reserve in advance; for others, you just show up at a specified place and time and pay the guide the fee (might be anywhere from $10 to $60). has partnered with Viator, which provides a variety of walking tours you can sign up for ahead of time (there are direct links to a few in the last paragraph), as well as advance booking for skip-the-line tickets to major sights in Rome, Florence, and Venice.

You can pick up brochures on all sorts of walking tours at local tourism offices in Italy, or book ahead via one of our partner sights:

Here are some guided walks in major Italian destinations

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