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The classic way to arrive in Naples is by boat—the city and its castles spread along the curve of the bay under the shadow of Vesuvius gave rise to the sighing old expression "See Naples and die"—but these days most travelers aren't so lucky.

These days, most visitors arrive by train. This is unfortunate, since that means the first thing they see is the chaotic train station and dingy Piazza Garibaldi bus terminus outside—both of them teeming with pickpockets.

The Naples daily paper Il Mattino has a page near the back listing the current transportation schedules for the entire province, including the state and private rail lines, buses, and ferries.
(More unfortunate than the folks arriving by train? Those who arrive by car, since they have to drive in Naples, which is only to be undertaken by incurable thrill-seekers.)

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Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

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Tourist info

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

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