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The most useful form of transportation in Naples for the tourist is the bus and tram system. That and your feet.

There is a Metro (subway) in Naples, but it's really more of a commuter line. Though it is handy for getting to a few outlying sights—and if you happen to decide to get a hotel in a neighborhood other than the center—you otherwise will probably not use it all that much.

The Naples daily paper Il Mattino has a page near the back listing the current transportation schedules for the entire province, including the state and private rail lines, buses, and ferries.

So does Qui Napoli, the free English/Italian tourist information magazine available at the tourist office—and downloadable as a pdf from the city tourism website
Whatever you do, do not attempt to drive in Naples. It has the worst traffic in all of Europe. I kid you not. If you happen to arrive by car, stick it in a garage as soon as humanly possible and don't get it out again until you're ready to leave.

Here is how the various forms of public transportation in Naples work:

Useful Italian
Where is?... - Dov'é?
left - sinistra
right - destra
straight ahead - avanti or sempre diritto

ticket - biglietto
city bus - autobus
bus stop - fermata
taxi - taxi
bike rental - noleggio bici
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Napoli tourist information

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

For more info:

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Tourist info

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

For more info:

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