Taxis in Naples

How to get around Naples by taxi cab

Only use legitimate taxis, either from the following stands or by calling the Radiotaxi numbers below.

How to get a taxi cab in Naples

There are taxi stands at Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Municipio, Piazza Trieste e Trento, Piazza dei Martiri, Piazza Vittoria, Via Partenope, Piazza S. Pasquale/Riviera di Chiaia, and Via Mergellina.

Naples Radiotaxi numbers (to call for a pickup) are tel. +39-081-444-444, 081-556-4444, 081-556-0202, 081-551-5151, and 081-570-7070.

How much should a taxi charge in Naples?

There are occasional reports of unscrupulous drivers trying to pull one over on tourists, so know these official rates:

Rides cost an initial €3, plus €0.05 for every 65 meters (or 10 seconds os standing still). The minimum charge is €4.50.

There are also legitimate supplemental charges:

  • Travel on Sundays (€2.50)
  • Night rides between 10pm and 1am (€2.50)
  • Luggage (€0.50 per bag)
  • Calling ahead for a radiotaxi (€1)
  • Travel to the airport (€2.60)
  • Travel from the airport (€4)
  • Each passenger beyond 4 (only if you ask for a larger vehicle) (€1)

In addition, there are some flat fees for popular trips:

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Napoli tourist information

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

For more info:

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Tourist info

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

For more info:

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