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Thre are tourist offices or info desks scattered all around Naples:

  • In the Palazzo Reale at Piazza del Plebescito 1 (tel. +39-081-252-5711)
  • Stazione Centrale train station (tel. +39-081-268-779)
  • Via Santa Lucia 107 (tel. +39-081-245-7475)
  • Piazza del Gesù (tel. +39-081-551-2701)
  • Via San Carlo 9 (tel. +39-081-402-394)
  • Piazza dei Martiri 58 (tel. +39-081-410-7211)
  • Mergellina station (tel. +39-081-761-2102)
  • Naples airport (tel. 081-780-5761)

Pick up a copy of the free Qui Napoli for updated inforamtion on all sights (open hours, tickets prices, etc.), events, transportation timetables, hotels, restaurants, and bascially every other useful bit of information on Naples for the visitor. (At the tourist office website——you can also download the latest few issues to help you can plan before you go—handy.)

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Napoli tourist information

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

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Tourist info

Napoli toursit office:
Via San Carlo, 9
tel. +39-081402394

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