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The Campania Artecard

Sights covered by Artecard
In Naples
Museo Archeologico
Museo Capodimonte
Certosa di San Martino
Castel Sant'Elmo
Castel Nuovo
Palazzo Reale
Duomo museums
...and more

Nearby in Campania
Paestum (museum and site)
Reggia di Caserta
Capua amphitheater
Capua mithraeum
Campi Flegrei (pretty much everything)
...and more
Get the discount card: The Campania Artecard ( will get you into many top sights for free—not just in Naples, but across Campania, including Pompeii and other biggies (the list on the right compiles the highlights, but it covers 38 major sights flat-out, plus offers discounts on two dozen others and on theaters, shops, events, and tourist services). You can pick it up at participating sights, the airport, train stations, major ports, many hotels, car parks, travel agencies,'s pretty easy to find.

There are nine versions, and it can get confusing. Avoid the cheapest, the "Napoli Centro Antico" one; it's not worth it. Here are the most useful variants:

  • Napoli e Campi Flegrei (€16) - Valid for 3 days; only gets you into three sights of your choice, plus 50% off any other sights you visit—plus free rides on public transportation in Naples and out to the Campi Flegrei.
  • Tutta La Regione 3 days (€27) - Valid for 3 days; only gets you into two sights (then 50% off the others), but it covers free rides on all public transport in Naples and across Campania.
  • Archeologia del Golfo (€30) - Valid for 3 days; gets you into just about every site of archaeological interest in Naples and its Bay (the Museo Archeologico, Pompeii, Herculaneum, the Campi Flegrei, etc); also covers all public transportation. Good deal.
  • Tutta La Regione 7 days (€30) - Valid for 7 days, covers you choice of 5 sights (then 50% off the others)—but, oddly, covers none of the transportation.

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