The sights of Capri

The sights, museums, and experiences on the island of Capri

Capri Tourist info:
Marina Grande
Banchina del Porto (Ferry pier), Capri

tel. +39-081-837-0634

Capri Town
Piazza Umberto I 1, Capri
tel. +39-081-837-0686

Via G. Orlando 19a (just off Piazza Vittoria), Anacapri, Capri
tel. +39-081-837-1524 Italy Map
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Sights in and around Capri Town

Villa Jovis di Tiberio, Capri Villa Jovis - Set majestically at the top of a 977-foot sheer bluff above the sea, this is but one of 12 villas that Roman Emperor Tiberius built on his favorite island. You can clamber around the half-decayed walls that once defined the imperial apartments, baths complex, and servant’s quarters, but none of it is in very good shape—come more for the romantic setting than the archaeology... » more
Gardens of AugustusGiardini di Augusto/Certosa di San Giacomo - "Augustus' Gardens" are a small set of terraced and well-kept civic gardens bursting with flowers and overlooking Certosa di San Giacomo, a vast mausoleum of a charter house built by the Carthusian monks in the 14th century, burned by pirates in the 16th century, and evicted by the Bonaparte dynasty in the 19th century... » more

Sights in and around Anacapri

The Grotta Azzurra di Capri★★★ The Blue Grotto - Capri's biggest claim to fame is this long, low sea cavern whose water glows a brilliant, unearthly blue from the effect of light refracting through an entrance tunnel... » more
Villa San Michele Axel Munthe Villa San Michele - A classically inspired villa and gardens that capitalize on vistas and naturally frame the essences of Capri's beauty: crumbling walls overflowing with bougainvillea, arbored paths centered on copies of Greek bronzes, ancient columns supporting whitewashed Gothic arches, miniature temples hidden in lush gardens, and a bust-lined balustrade beyond which spill breathtaking panoramas of the island and azure waters... » more
The view from Monte Solaro Monte Solaro - At 1945 feet, Monte Solaro is Capri's highest point, sporting a romantically ruined little 1806 British castle (built medieval-style) that offers dreamy island vistas and a panorama of coastal Italy that on clear days stretches as far as Calabria to the south and north almost to Rome. ... » more
Church of San Michele Chiesa di San Michele - This 18th-century church is floored with a fantastical studied majolica representation of the Garden of Eden (1761), filled with remarkable detail and dozens of exotic plants and beasts.... » more

Other things to do on Capri

Hikes on Capri★★ Walks & hikes - From 10-mintue strolls to two-hour hikes, Capri has some gorgeous walks, but most have a significant grade to them. Wear sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and a brimmed hat, and carry water and a snack... » more
Beaches & swimming - No, there aren't broad sandy beaches on Capri, but there are several lovely pebble strands and rocky coves for swimming, some of them laced with tales straight out of Homer's Odyssey... » more
Cruises around Capri Boat excursions - From a trip to the fabled Blue Grotto to a cruise around the island to submarine dives, there are plenty of boating trips around Capri... » more
Shopping - From limoncello liqueur to delicate perfumes, handmade sandals to hand-painted ceramics—and, of course, those famous Capri pants... » more

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