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How to get around on the island—by bus, by taxi, and by foot

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A bus fermata on Capri
A fermata autobus (bus stop) on Capri.
Capri has a funicular from the Marina Grande docks up to Capri Town, and a small fleet of minibuses. Otherwise, it's all on foot or by the big, open taxis.

When you arrive at Marina Grande and get to the base of the dock, you have two choices.

  • Straight ahead to the left is a funicular up to Capri.
  • Head up the hill to the right for the bus stop for buses to Capri.

The funicular is more fun, but because of this has longer lines (well, the bus line is always long, too, but each bus can hold more people).

The Capri Funicular

There is a funicolare (funicular; cable car) from the Marina Grande docks up the Capri Town which saves the wait for the bus. It runs every 15 minutes and costs €1.40. For more info: tel. +39-081-837-0420.

Capri by Bus

Rides on Capri's miniature orange buses cost €1.40... when they bother collecting your money (to get on at Capri town's main depot, buy a ticket at the window—and for some insane reason, it costs €1.50 to go to Marina Grande; on any other ride you just pay the driver).

At Marina Grande: For buses to Capri (also every 15 min.) and Anacapri (at least once an hour), turn right at the dock's end to walk 200 feet up to the turnabout in the road.

In Capri Town: There are bus connections between Capri town's depot on Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria and: Anacapri (every 5–15 min.), Marina Grande (every 15 min.), and Marina Piccola (every 30 min.). For more information: tel. +39-081-837-0420.

In Anacapri: the buses for Marina Grande (every 30–50 min.), Marina Piccola (at 10:05am), and Capri town (every 5–15 min.) leave from Piazza Caprile, passing through Piazza Vittoria. The depot for Anacapri's buses to the Blue Grotto and those to the Faro swimming hole (both every 20 min.) is on Via de Tommaso. For more information: tel. +39-081-837-2422.

Taxis on Capri

Taxis congregate wherever tourists do. You can often bargain, but to go anywhere usually costs about €20.

There are stands in Capri on Piazza Martiri d'Ungheria, Anacapri on Piazza Vittoria, and at the docks of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

You can also call for a taxi in Capri at tel. +39-081-837-0543; in Anacapri at tel. +39-081-837-1175.

Capri on Foot

Capri has some gorgeous walks (I describe the best here), but most have a significant grade to them.

I wouldn't recommend the steep, uphill hike from Capri to Anacapri—although the reverse is doable in about half an hour, if you don't mind a little vertigo and walking primarily on the nonexistent shoulder of the main road (the Greek-era Scala Fenicia stairs connecting Marina Grande and Anacapri are in such bad repair they've been closed).

From Capri, you can easily stroll down to Marina Grande in about 15 min, to Marina Piccola in 20 min.

From Anacapri, you can reach the Faro in 20 min or the Blue Grotto in half an hour.

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Capri Tourist info:
Marina Grande
Banchina del Porto (Ferry pier), Capri
tel. +39-081-837-0634

Capri Town
Piazza Umberto I 1, Capri
tel. +39-081-837-0686

Main office:
Piazzetta Cerio 11, Capri
tel. +39-081-837-5308

Via G. Orlando 19a (just off Piazza Vittoria), Anacapri, Capri
tel. +39-081-837-1524

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