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  • How long to spend in Trapani: Trapani doesn't really invite lingering. Give it a few hours if the sights interest you—otherwise give it a miss.
  • How to get to Trapani: Trapani is the main city on the west coast of Sicily, right at the triangular island's northwesternmost tip. Trapani is 111km (69 miles) west of Palermo, 33km (21 miles) north of Marsala, and just below—13km (8 miles) west of—hilltop Erice. It is well-served by trains and buses and has its own small airport for low-cost domestic and European flights (also handy for flying to the island of Pantelleria). » more
  • Trapani tourist office: The main visitor information office is on Piazza Saturno, where Corso Italia crosses Via Torrearsa (tel. +39-0923-29-000;, with a second, city-run office in the Casina delle Palme on Via Torrearsa (tel. +39-0923-20-338; It's open Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 1pm.

    For tourism information on Trapani and its entire province, visit or (same site; two addresses).

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