Trapani restaurants

Where to dine in Trapani, Sicily

Trapani's cuisine is influenced by fish (naturally) and Tunisian tradition, so the obvious main dish would be cuscus di pesce, with a fishy stew and broth poured over the wheat grains.

Pizzeria Calvino - It's easy to spot this place for all the Trapanesi spilling out the door, waiting for their take-out. These are the people who didn't reserve ahead a spot in one of the many tiny rooms opening off a narrow corridor where the hungry put up with long waits and snappish service for what is by far the best pizza in town. They have a menu, but you'll never see it, so just order a piccola (small) or media (medium; grande larges are fit for three) pizza with the toppings of your choice. The gooey, bubbling, thick-crust pie will arrive (eventually) sliced into bite-sized bits to be forked up aided by large bottles of beer. Besides pizza, they also do simply baked pastas and a few grilled meats like sausage and chicken. Via N. Nasi 77 (a street parallel to Corso V. Emanuele).tel. +39-09-23-21-464. No credit cards. Thurs-Tues 7pm-1am.

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