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Where to stay in Trapani, Sicily

Nuovo Albergo Russo - The hotel's 1868 origins show in the archways on the first two floors, and in the practiced hospitality of the owners—the same family for over 130 years. Lots of paintings and African carvings haunt the halls, while accommodations feature those decidedly uncomfortable Italian beds where you can feel each individual spring in the soft mattress and the cot sinks alarmingly when you sit on it. Still, the baths are fairly new, there are richly patterned rugs on the floors, and the location at the base of the main drag can't be beat. Rooms with bath have TVs and, at least in some, newer black-lacquered furnishings. The rest, along with the bathless rooms, have carved wood or veneered units. Via Tintori 4, 41100 Trapani (off Corso V. Emanuele). tel. +39-09-23-22-166. No credit cards.

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