A day in Verona

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How to see the best of Verona, Italy, in a half-day stopover at the train station

Drop your bags at the train station left luggage office and grab bus no. 11, 12, or 13 to Stradone San Fermo, just down Via Cappello from the central bustling marketplace on Piazza delle Erbe.

On Via Cappello, just a few hundred yards before you get to the square, is the famous "Juliet's balcony" (in short: Shakespeare chose approximations of the names of two real rival families in Verona for his play, but the plot is, of course, made up—or, rather, stolen from the Greeks; all the Romeo and Juliet–associated "sights" in Verona are fanciful, but fun).

Wander down the marble -slab pedestrian shopping street of Via Mazzini until you get to Piazza Brà and the Arena, a midget Colosseum—and most perfectly preserved ancient Roman amphitheater in Italy—where they still perform operas. It's well worth sticking around town and getting a hotel if there's a performance on for the night tickets are still available (not an issue, in my experience, and I've been three times).

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