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The top museums, monuments, churches, Romeo & Juliet sights, castles, and ancient ruins in Verona, Italy

If you’re in town the first Sunday of any month, note that entrance is free for the following sites: Castelvecchio Museum, the Roman Theater, and Juliet’s Tomb.
Because there are so many churches in Verona, an admission charge has been imposed in an attempt to cover custodian charges and offer longer hours.

[VALUE][en]Verona by Cumulative Ticket

The VeronaCard, a  biglietto cumulativo (cumulative ticket) will help you visit several of the city's sites for just one fee. Two versions of the card are available.  The 8€ ($9) card, valid for just one day, allows you to ride the city's buses and enter its museums, monuments,and churches. The 12€ ($14) card offers the same places, but allows you 3 days rather than one. You'll find the VeronaCard for sale at the above sites, or call tel. 045-807-7503.


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How long does Verona take?

Planning your day: You could knock off the major sights (plus lunch) in six hours or so, and thus visit Verona as a day trip from Venice (or en route to or from Venice, as Verona is one a main rail line).

However, Verona truly deserves an overnight of its own. Its sights are a bit spread out around town, so it sakes a little while to see them all, plus it is simply a lovely place to spend the evening, with the liveliest shopping, restaurant, and nightlife scene of any town in the Veneto region, along with some great hotels.

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