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Il Campo, Siena★★★ Piazza del Campo - All roads in Siena lead to the main square, often called just Il Campo, a sloping scallop shell of herringbone brick where people gather to picnic, sit at sunny cafe tables, nap, and celebrate soccer victories... » more
Frescoes in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena★★★ Palazzo Pubblico/Museo Civico - Siena's medieval town hall houses some of the finest frescoes of the Gothic and early Renaissance Sienese School, including the famous Allegory of Good and Bad Government packed with details of everyday life in medieval Siena... » more
Cattedrale di Siena★★★ Il Duomo - Siena's bulky, zebra-striped Gothic Cathedral is filled with medieval and baroque sculptures—including a Pisano pulpit—and amazing early Renaissance frescoes by Pinturicchio and Raphael in the Piccolomini Library... » more
Museo del Duomo, Siena★★ Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana - The cathedral museum has early sculptures by Donatello and Arnolfo di Camio, Duccio's magnificent Maestà altarpiece, and sweeping views from atop the facciatone, the unfinished would-be facade of the cathedral's ill-fated medieval expansion effort... » more
Santa Maria della Scala, Siena★★ Santa Maria della Scala - The art inside this vast medieval hospital complex across from the Duomo is not only gorgeous, but it also offers a fascinating glimpse into another era, with frescoes showcasing Renaissance-era medical practices... » more
Battistero di San Giovanni, Siena Baptistry - The baptistery's dark ceiling is a phantasmagoria of medieval frecoes (look for the crocodile); the baptismal font in the center of the room is a who's-who gallery of early Renaissance sculptors, including Donatello's Feast of Herod, arguably the first use of perspective in art... » more
National Painting Gallery, SienaPinacoteca Nazionale - Siens's National Painting Gallery is home to works representing all eras of the Sienese School, and while frankly these tend to be not their masterpieces, there are examples from everyone from Gothic Titans Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti Brothers through great works by late Renaissance/early Baroque masters Il Sodoma and Beccafumi... » more
St. Catherine's House, Siena (Photo by Gryffindor)Casa di Santa Caterina - This quiet, cloistered church and memorial of baroque paintings was built around the birthplace of medieval mystic and stateswoman St. Catharine of Siena, Italy’s patron saint and first female Doctor of the Church... » more
St. Catherine's Chapel, Basilica di San Domenico, Siena (Photo by Gryffindor)San Domenico- A giant Gothic barn of a church (and something of a Siena landmark perched atop its hill) housing the relics of St. Catherine of Siena surrounded by Sodoma frescoes... » more
Coppo di Marcovaldo Madonna del Bordone, Santa Maria dei ServiSanta Maria dei Servi - A Romanesque church with lovely alatrpieces inside from every era of Sienese painting, from Byzantine and Gothic through Renaissance and baroque... » more
Battistero di San Giovanni, SienaEnoteca Italiana Permanente - The 16th century Medici fortress glowering on its hilltop now hosts Italy's National Wine Museum—an only-in-Italy museums where you can sample wines from across Italy by the glass... » more

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Siena tourist information

Siena tourist information office
Piazza del Campo 56
tel. +39-0577-280-551

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How long does Siena take?

Planning your time in Siena: Though you can see a few of its greatest hits in just half a day, Siena really deserves at least one good, full day.

In fact, Siena's riches of sights really make it hard to do in a single day, so you're better off spending the night here—that way, you can squeeze in some sightseeing on the first afternoon, and some more on the second morning.

Couple that fact with Siena's central location in Tuscany, and it makes a lot of sense for Siena to be one of the overnight stops on your tour of Tuscan hilltowns.

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Siena info
Siena tourist information office
Piazza del Campo 56
tel. +39-0577-280-551

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