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  • How long to spend in Erice: It only takes 45–60 minutes to wander the streets, but Erice is a place that rewards spending the night. It has oodles of hilltown character, good hotels and restaurants, and plenty of shops to browse.
  • How to get to Erice: Erice is on a mountain just 13km (8 miles) east of Trapani, and some 112km (67 miles) west of Palermo.
    • How to get to Erice by train or bus: To get to Erice by public transportation, you must head to the provincial capital of Trapani 14km (8.4 miles) below Erice on the coast. To Trapani, there are 8–9 trains daily from Palermo (2–4 hr.) to Trapani—or you can take one of 25–30 daily buses (1hr. 55 min.) run by Interbus/Sicilbus/Segesta (tel. +39-091-616-7919, From Agrigento, Lumia (tel. +39-0922-20-414, runs 3 buses daily, 1 on Sunday from Piazzale F.lli Rosselli to Trapani (3–4 hr.).

      From Trapani, there are about ten AST buses (tel. +39-0923-21-021, daily up to Erice (40–60 min.).
    • How to get to Erice by Car: Follow the A29dir from Palermo or Segesta to the first Trapani exit, then the signposted switchback road up the mountain.
  • Erice tourist office: The Erice visitor information office is at Viale Conte A. Pepoli 11 (tel. +39-0923-869-388), with the main office in the Palazzo Sales, Via Vito Carvini 2 (tel. +39-0923-869-025).
  • Erice festivals: On Good Friday, there's a street procession of the misteri, sculpted scenes of the Passion. In late July the churches around town host a festival of medieval and Renaissance music, and in December a Sicilian folk music festival comes to town.

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Erice Tourist info:
Viale Conte A. Pepoli 11
tel. +39-0923-869-388 or 0923-869-173

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Erice Tourist info:
Viale Conte A. Pepoli 11
tel. +39-0923-869-388 or 0923-869-173

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