The Pastries of Erice

Maria Grammatica's almond pastries are literally famous around the world

Erice is renowned for two products: pastries and hand-woven rugs.

Pastry was an craft developed and refined by various orders of nuns based in Erice from the 14th to 18th centuries.

These convents' tradition is carried on by the pasticceria founded by ★★★ Maria Grammatica in 1950, Via V. Emanuele 14 near Piazza Umberto (tel. +39-0923-869-390). For about €10, you can get half a kilo (about a dozen) of her various sugary almond treats kissed with lemon or citrus juices and made famous by Bitter Almonds, the cultural cookbook she co-wrote with Mary Taylor Simeti.

Carry your sweets a few hundred feet to Piazza Umberto, where at the Bar Nuovo Edelweiss' outdoor tables (tel. +39-0923-869-158) you can enjoy them with a delicious granita di limone.

For a more genteel snack, visit ★★ Maria's Cafe, two doors up from her pastry shop at Via V. Emanuele 4 tel. +39-091-869-696). Here in a series of grandly cozy 18th century–style sitting rooms you can enjoy tea, coffee, and those wonderful pastries and light meals. Up on the second floor is a pocket-sized terrace with views over the sea and Egadi islands—the town's best hidden spot for romantic sunsets.

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Erice Tourist info:
Viale Conte A. Pepoli 11
tel. +39-0923-869-388

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Erice Tourist info:
Viale Conte A. Pepoli 11
tel. +39-0923-869-388

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