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Palermo's Street Markets
Markets are an integral part of Palermo life and a colorful, unmissable sight where Palermitano dialects fly through the air between the stall awnings and vendors hawk piles of silvery fish, Levi’s jeans, spiny sea urchins, bootleg CDs, olives from barrels, and steaks carved directly from the swordfish. Bring your camera (but little else) and guard it well.

There are close to a dozen markets in town; the best include the central * Vucciria food market, the sprawling anything-for-sale Ballarò in the Albergheria quadrant, the Capo clothing and food market in the center, and the antiques of Piazza Peranni behind the bishop's palace off Corso V. Emanuele... » more

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Tourist Info

Palermo tourist office
Piazza Castelnuovo 34
tel. +39-091-605-8351

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