Gola di Gorroppu

A hike into one of Soutthern Europe's deepest gorges in Sardegna (Sardinia)

Gola di Gorroppu is one of southern Europe's deepest gorges, with walls more than 660 feet high but at times only a few yards apart.

The bottom of the canyon is a maze of giant, pale white boulders threaded by the Flumineddu River.

It’s a long (three hours) but pleasant five-mile walk to the gorge itself along a wide trail that wends in and out of forests and passes many natural springs and a few swimming holes.

(Early on in this walk, you'll see signs for the traditional farmhouse where Angelo will sell you a hunk of tangy goat cheese and unlabelled bottle of homemade red wine for €8—perfect to carry along for a picnic in the gorge.)

Once you get into the gorge proper, the way forward becomes quite a scramble over tumbledown boulders. You won't make very good time, and probably won't make it very far, but do explore up the gorge a bit for its majesty and sheer weirdenss.

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Gonone tourist office

Cala Gonone tourist office, Viale Bue Marino (in the pine woods just above town).
. +39-0784-93-696

The gateway to the region is Dorgali

The gateway to the region is Dorgali, but the main tourist town (and tourist office) is Cala Gonone, down the road from Dorgali on the coast.

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Viale Bue Marino (in the pine woods just above town).
tel. +39-0784-93-696

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