Sardegna beaches

The best secret beaches and coastal hideaways of Sardinia

The Gulf of Orosei: For the Explorer - The boat left Cala Gonone at 10am to cut through low waves that threatened to exhaust my color vocabulary: rich cobalt and bright lapis, limpid turquoise and velvety indigo, shining aquamarine and a translucent seafoam green. We scared up up flocks of flying fish and sometimes sending a refreshing salty spray of water over the open prow as we cruised through the Gulf of Orosei. The undulating limestone cliffs to the west, at times plunging 2,000 feet into the sea, were topped by scented macchia (Mediterranean scrubland). The cliffs were interrupted only occasionally by a small inlet or bay with a scrap of idyllic beach... » more

Costa Verde: For the Solitude-Seeker - For such a spectacular Italian shoreline, the Costa Verde—a string of wide, miles-long sandy beaches backed by 200-foot dunes on the southern half of Sardegna's western coast—is wonderfully underinhabited. Folks from the surrounding area do come on the weekends, but on any hot, sunny weekday outside of August you're likely to find only a handful of families on each beach, most clustered around the umbrellas and chairs by the snack kiosk... » more

Stintino: For the socializer - This is the postcard beack of Sardegna, a sweet arc of white, sugary sand and shallows that stay calf-deep for dozens of feet out into the turquoise waters backed by a 16th century Spanish watchtower on an island. Sun-worshippers often take a day off from crisping on the sands to take a tour to the nearby island of Asinara, a former prison colony famous for its miniature white donkeys... » more

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