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Piazza del Duomo in Milan

Milan tourist info:

Milan is Italy's economic powerhouse, a bustling modern city of finance and industry, media empires and fashion houses, political lions and Michelin-starred restaurants. It also boasts an impressive cultural heritage of important art galleries and ancient churches.

Best hotels in Milan
1) Grand Hotel et Du Milan [€€€€€]
2) Town House [€€€€€]
3) The Gray [€€€€]
4) Straf Hotel [€€€€]
5) Hotel Manzoni [€€€€]
6) Hotel Star [€€€]
7) Ariosto Hotel [€€]
8) Hotel Rovello [€€]
9) Ariston Hotel [€€]
10) Hotel Kennedy [€€]

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Best dining in Milan
1) Trattoria da Pino [light]
2) Luini [snack]
3) L'Osteria Grand Hotel [meal]
4) Latteria di San Marco [meal]
5) Trattoria Aurora [meal]
6) Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia [meal]
7) Aperitivi/stuzzichini [free bar snacks]

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