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Short-term flats and rental apartments in Amalfi, Italy, start at €TK for two

TK Amalfi has more than 100 apartments available to rent, sleeping anywhere from two to eight people (though for groups of four or more, it's also wise to look into renting a villa instead).

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TK How to find apartments in Amalfi

TK How much does a rental apartment in Amalfi cost?

Most range from €125–€200 per night for two people, though there are flats costing as little as €49.

Some add on a one-time cleaning fee (varies; €30–€80).

That said, apartments are rented at different nightly, weekly, and monthly rates, which vary by season and number of guests.

Some require a two-night minimum.

What is it like to rent an apartment in Amalfi?

The one thing to remember with any rental is that you will have fewer services than a hotel—no housekeeping to clean the rooms (just take out the trash on trash day), concierge to arrange things, or staff to cook you (overpriced) breakfast.

On the other hand, you get to live like a local, have far more room than a hotel, cook some of your own meals to save on daily restaurant bills (or just go to a bar each morning for breakfast), and it almost always costs much less than a hotel.

There is an entire page devoted to the ins and outs of Italian apartment rentals, including tips and hints and more resources. » more

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How long does Amalfi take?

Planning your time: You could see every official "sight" in the town of Amalfi in 60–90 minutes—though it is a lovely place to relax for a while, maybe take a cappuccino on the piazza overlooking the steps up to the Duomo.

Amalfi also makes an ideal place to spend the night. It has several good restaurants, and the town is just large enough to keep the feeling that there's a bit of local life beyond the tourism, making it a joy to wander (the others—Positano and Ravello especially, may be more postcard-quaint and pretty, but Amalfi feels more real).

Besides, it is the one place on the Amalfi Coast where you have to switch buses—either to return west up the coast toward Postiano and Sorrento, to made a side trip up to pretty Ravello, or to continue east along the coast to Salerno.

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