The sights of Bari

What to see and do in Bari, Italy

Aside from the painting gallery, below, all of Bari's top sights are within the Arab-like rambling alleyways of the Old City, a marvelously confusing maze to explore by day (watch for pickpockets), but a bit foreboding after dark when the more dangerous elements of a major port city creep out of the shadows.

* San Nicola - Bari built the first great Norman Romanesque church in Apulia in 1087 to house the earthly remains of St. Nicholas, a 4th-century Turkish bishop renowned for his piety, kindness, and helpful miracles. History neatly turned him into a jolly fat man partial to red suits and snowy climes who delivers presents to children at Christmas named "Santa Claus"... » more

Cattedrale (Cathedral) - Though it's almost as fine an example of Romanesque architecture, Bari's cathedral is second rate to S. Nicola. Built about a century after S. Nick's church, it's a striking edifice, with a tall bell tower and an octagonal drum supporting the central dome, but the facade has some more recent embellishments, including baroque canopies over the doors and a modern rose window... » more

Castello Svevo - There are free guided tours of this massive fortress, started by Frederick II in 1233–39 and expanded by the Aragonese in the 16th century... » more

Pinacoteca Provinciale - This small collection has some good pictures by medieval and baroque Pugliese painters, plus works by Luca Giordano, Bellini, Paolo Veronese, and Tintoretto... » more

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Bari tourism info:
32 Piazza Moro Aldo
tel. +39-080-524-2244

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Bari tourism info:
32 Piazza Moro Aldo
tel. +39-080-524-2244

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