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Where to stay in Bari, Italy

Bari is a business town, and the hotel scene is pretty depressing. Stick to the choices below, since most other budget inns are dives.

One address; three hotels
Besides the hotels detailed in full here, another good bet is Via Crisanzio 12, where three uninspiring but serviceable hotels together offer 56 inexpensive rooms that all ring in well under €100: » book

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Stop Over in Bari

If you're having trouble lining up a room, stop by the folks at Stop Over in Bari (under "Visitor Information") or the train station tourist office.

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Bari tourism info:
32 Piazza Moro Aldo
tel. +39-080-524-2244

Bari tours & guides:

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Planning your day: TK.

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More hotels in Bari:

Tourist info

Bari tourism office:
32 Piazza Moro Aldo
tel. +39-080-524-2244

Bari tours & guides:

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