Gelato (ice cream) in Italy
Gelato (ice cream) in Italy. (Photo by Rowena)

Italy's creamy, amazing take on ice cream

Ice cream cones from Rome's storied gelateria Giolitti
Ice cream cones from Rome's storied Gelateria Giolitti.

To call gelato "ice cream" is insulting to gelato and unfair to ice cream. Gelato is much richer, smoother, and more flavorful than ice cream.

It is churned, not whipped (as is most traditional American ice cream), so it is far denser, giving it a richer mouth feel. Gelato also is not as laden with sugar and cream, so the subtle tastes of its flavoring comes through much better than they do in ice cream.

Take a gealto-crawl of Rome.
Take a gelato-crawl of Rome. (Photo by Storm Crypt)
You can pay homage to the great San Crispino in Rome—though there are plenty of other older, excellent gelaterie in Rome as well, such as Giolitti, pictured to the left. (Taste-test time!) » more

Don't forget to try the Florentine variation on this sweet treat—many claim the best gelato in Italy comes from Florence. » more

And, as a bonus, there's a gelateria in Florence called Carabé that specializes in the light fruit- and nut-focused gelati of Sicily (and which is, handily, less than two blocks from Michelangelo's David)...

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