Hotels in Selinute

Where to stay in Marinella, near Selinute, Sicily

To stay by the ruins you'll want a hotel in the gateway town called Marinella, which is little more than a coastal strip of hotels just below the archaeological park.

Albergo Lido Azzurro - This modern hotel sits at the heart of Marinella's commercial main drag, across the street from its own beach and restaurant/pizzeria. The management is decidedly mellow in an amiable way, and the bulk of the basic rooms—spruced up with tiny Matisse prints—have balconies with views of the Mediterranean. It's kept tolerably clean, the beds aren't too soft, the modular furnishings not too worn yet, and the prices are quiet agreeable. C-minus for the baths, though, where the sink's hot water tap seems to be there merely for decoration and—although this may have been a temporary plumbing problem—the bath in my room emitted an entirely unpleasant odor. Via Marco Polo 98, Marinella di Selinute. tel. +39-0924-941-000. Free parking.

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