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Beyond the prime choices below, you can get passable food and lackluster service but a stupendous starlit setting on a terrace over the sea at Lo Scolgio Ubriaco, Via C. Ortolani di Bordonaro 2-4, smack at the sea end of Corso Ruggiero (tel. 0921-423-370; www.ristorantiitaliani.it/loscoglioubriaco). They're closed Tuesdays (open daily in summer) and November.

La Brace - Rib-sticking fine dining. Via 25 Novembre 10... » more

L'Antica Corte - Sicilian cuisine in a Arab courtyard. Cortile Pepe 7... » more

Vecchia Marina - Seafood with a view. Via Vittorio Emanuele 73–75... » more

Da Nino - Hearty food and people-watching by the beach. Via Bagni 11 (Lungomare Cefalù)... » more

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