Naples sightseeing card

The Campania Artecard and other sightseeing discounts in Naples and Campania

The Naples sightseeing/trasnport card is a pretty good deal if you are going to be hanging around for two to three days, and espeically if you plan to tour more sights around the Bay of Naples and in inland Campania.

The card covers not only most ofthe major sights (40 in Naples, another 80 around Campania), but also allows you unlimited rides on all forms up public transportation, both within tne city and all around the region, including the Amalfi Coast buses and the local commuter rail lines, like the Circumvesuviana to Pompeii and Sorrento (though not the naitonal Italain trains).

How much does the Naples and Campania Artecard Cost?

Card Standard Ages 18–25
3-day: Just Naples €21 €12
3-day: All Campania €32 €25
7-day: All Campania €34
365-day: All Campania €43 €33

Where can I get the Naples sightseeing card?

You can purchase the card at any participating museum, online, or at the "campania>artecard" information point inside Naples Centrale train station.

Sights covered by Artecard

In Naples

Nearby in Campania

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