If you only have 1–2 days to spend in Tuscany

A vacation blueprint for how to spend your time if you have just one or two days in Tuscany (hint: spend them in Florence)

Florence—Maybe Pisa or Siena

Day 1

Where to spend the night
Hotels in Florence
Spend all your time in Florence, sopping up as much of the Renaissance as you possibly can.

Don't forget to pay attention to the "Before you Leave Home " box at the end of the itinerary covering all the details you need to take care of before leaving home—and be sure to read the "Foolish Assumptions" page about how these itineraries work along with more time-planning tips.

Days 1–2

Again, spend all your time in Florence.

If you want some variety and are tired of all that great art in Florence, you might want to spend the morning of your second day on a half-day trip, either:

Before you leave home:
 Book plane tickets
 Book hotels
 Check train times
 Book entry tickets:
    Florence: Uffizi, Accademia (David)
 Learn more about Italy
 Practice your Italian

Visit Pisa (best in the morning) and its leaning tower, just one of a fantastic group of buildings on one of Italy’s most beautiful piazze.

Or head south to Siena for its stony medievalism, early Renaissance paintings, and one of Tuscany’s most art-intensive cathedrals.

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This article was written by Reid Bramblett and was last updated in February 2011. All information was accurate at the time.

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