Concerts & opera in Venice

A gondola rowing lesson in Venice
Attendees at a free concert in the Venice church of Santa Maria della Salute.

From opera at La Fenice to concerts in churches and art-filled Renassiance fraternies

One of my most cherished Venice memories occurred late one afternoon in a favorite spot, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, a medieval confraternity decorated with dark wood and dozens of Tintoretto paintings.

I was wondering vaguely why workers were setting up folding chairs in the main room when the chamber orchestra arrived. As the musicians tuned their instruments, I settled into a carved wooden seat along the wall for an unexpected evening of sublime baroque music.


There are dozens of musical happeneing across Venice each day. These range from daily concerts in elaborate baroque churches by bewigged musicians in period costume—touristy, yes, but it's still great music in a phenomneal setting—to performances in those medeival fraternities to opera at the grand and storied La Fenice opera house.

Here are some faves:

Duration: 2–4 hours
Cost: From $32 per person
Book: Reserve it

Opera at Teatro La Fenice

Like the Phoenix for which the theatre is named, Teatro La Fenice finally rose from the ashes in November 2004. Following a devastating fire in 1996 that nearly burned the famous opera house to the ground, massive reconstruction took place to restore the theatre to its original splendor. Known worldwide for its dramatic beauty, La Fenice is also known for being the cradle of many great operas. It was the site of the infamous fiasco at the premiere of LA TRAVIATA, and of the great triumphs of TANCREDI...

Duration: 1–2 hours
Cost: From $44 per person
Book: Reserve it

Musica in Maschera

Experience art, music, dance and history with Musica in Maschera! Extraordinary period costumes, beautifully choreographed scenes and wonderful lighting will carry you to the enchanting world of Italian artistry. The concerts take place at the wonderful Scuola Grande dei Carmini, a museum dedicated to the artist Tiepolo, and also the last of the eight Scuole Grandi remaining in Venice at the time of the fall of the republic. Situated in Campo S. Margherita, near Ca' Rezzonico on the Grand Canal, the Scuola was founded in 1598 as a laical confraternity...

Duration: 1–2 hours
Cost: From $41 per person
Book: Reserve it

Inperpreti Veneziani

With youthful exuberance and Italian brio, the Interpreti Veneziani performs music of Vivaldi and the ancient masters. This chamber ensemble plays on prestigious original instruments and has received international acclaim from audiences and critics alike for its incredibly beautiful and passionate performances. The series takes place in San Vidal Church, which was restored in the late 17th Century and displays Italian Renaissance works of Vittore Carpaccio and Italian Rococo works of Giovanni Battista Piazzetta...

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: $33 per person 
Book: Reserve it

Collegium Ducale Concert

The orchestra Collegium Ducale of Venice was born in 1993 from the meeting of musicians coming from the best orchestras of Venice. Its répertoire goes from the baroque period till the 20th century and avail itself of excellent soloists who also perform as virtuosi. The ensemble is also studying the musical rules in order to offer the audience performances which respect the interpretative spirit of the period. performances at the Church of San Vidal or Prisons Palace...

Duration: 0.5 hours
Cost: $114 per person 
Book: Reserve it

Private Tour: Venice Gondola Ride with Serenade

What could be more romantic than a private gondola ride for two in the most magical city in the world, Venice? As you float along in an authentic gondola, your gondolier will serenade you with songs of love as he navigates the beautiful canals of Venice. Cheesy, yes, but also practically required....

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