Traghetto da parada, canale grande, venezia
A traghetto crosses the Grand Canal, Venice. (Photo by Evelyne and Michael Scherer)

The traghetto da parada is the cheapskate's gondola ride in Venice: €4 to cross the Grand Canal

Want a rowboat ride in Venice without forking over more than $100 for a tourist gondola?

Head down any street named "Calle del Traghetto" that leads toward the Grand Canal (marked by a yellow sign with the black gondola symbol) and hop aboard a traghetto da parada (ferry skiff).

These oversized gondolas rowed by two gondolieri cross the Grand Canal at seven intermediate points not covered by the Grand Canal's three bridges:

Traghetto links across the Grand Canal

  • San Marcuola - Fóndaco dei Turchi (near the Museo di Storia Naturale) [Mon–Sat 9am–12:30pm; to 1pm in winter]
  • Santa Sofia - Rialto Pescaria (Rialto Market) [Mon-Sat 7:30am–8pm; Sun 8:45am–7pm]
  • San Tomà - Sant' Angelo [Mon–Sat 7:30am–8pm; Sun 8:30am–7:30pm]
  • San Barnaba - San Samuele [Mon–Sat 8:30am–1:30pm]
  • Santa Maria del Giglio - Salute [Daily 9am–6pm]
  • Riva del Carbon - Riva del Vin [Mon–Sat 8am–1pm]
  • Dogana (San Marco -Calle Vallaresso) - Punta della Dogana [Daily 9am–2pm]

How much does the traghetto cost?

Fares went up tremedously in 2013 (to €2) and again in 2014 (to €4) after the city stopped subsidizing the service.

You now pay €4.

You hand your fare to the gondolier when boarding.

Most people ride standing up.

How long is a traghetto ride?

The ride only lasts five or six minutes (rather than 40 minutes for a tourist gondola ride), and most of that is spent boarding/disembarking.

However, it' is a thoroughly Venetian way of getting around—and way cheaper than a tourist gondola.

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How long does a traghetto ride take?

Planning your day: The ride in a traghetto takes all of 5–6 minutes—and most of that is the boarding and disembarking time. Still, it's fun—and handy. Venice itineraries

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