Hiking on the Amalfi Coast

A vew from the Sentiero degli Dei above the Amalfi Coast. (Photo by donchili)
A vew from the Sentiero degli Dei above the Amalfi Coast.

The trails between towns and guided hiking excursions along the Amalfi Coast and into the Monti Lattari

A waterfall along the Valle dell Ferriere trail above Amalfi. (Photo by Sbrinz82)
A waterfall along the Valle dell Ferriere trail above Amalfi.

For every 10,000 tourists who blitz down the Amalfi Coast on the famed Amalfi Drive coastal road, maybe five bother to head inland at all. And of those, maybe two will strap on sturdy shoes and hike the paths and trails that lace the steep slopes above the famous fishing villages-turned-resorts that barnacle the coast below.

Such a shame.

You can spend a wonderful day scaling the peaks of the 160 km2 Monti Lattari Regional Park (Parcoregionaledeimontilattari.it), or hike past waterfalls and abandoned paper mills of the lush Valle delle Ferriere extending above the Valle dei Mulini of Amalfi town (Valledelleferriere.it).

You can get some good intel from Googling the names of trails, or wait until you get there for decent maps from some of the tourist offices, or even better maps and hiking guidebooks (mostly in Italian, but understandable enough) from area books stores and gift shops.

(Also, see below for some guided day hikes and weeklong walking vacations.)

Sentiero degli Dei, the Trail of the Gods

the Sentiero degli Dei. (Photo by yomo 13)
Sentiero degli Dei.

The Amalfi Coast's most famous hike is relatively short—just around 6 km (3.75 miles)—but a thigh-burner: The glorious Sentiero degli Dei running between Agerola (outside Furore, above Praiano) and Nocelle (above Positano).

This "Path of the Gods" may either be named for the Roman temples that once dotted its length, or for the stunning panoramic views it offers—or perhaps just the title of the deity whose name you will be taking in vain, sometimes in exclamation over the glory of a vista, sometimes in a groan as you huff and puff along the more challenging bits.

It's a trail of moderate diffuclty, but steep in parts, with some scambles, and several vertigious views that are not for the faint of heart or the sufferers of vertigo.

You can get a SITA bus from Amalfi up to Agerola; from Nocella, a tiny bus trundles down to Positano, or you can clamber down the long staircase from beside the church down to the Amalfi Drive and grab the SITA bus back to Amalfi from there.

Guided Amalfi Coast hikes and walking vacations


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