The Amalfi Coast by private car service

How to hire a private driver, chauffeur, or private guide to explore the Amalfi Coast

Yes, you can get a private driver/guide to take you around the Amalfi Coast in a day. There are two choices:

Amalfi Coast by taxi (from €220)

You can hire any public taxi to tour you around the Amalfi Coast from Naples. (Note that, though a chatty cab driver who speaks English may offer advice, this is just a driving arrangement; no guiding is included).

The local taxi commission's official set rate for a taxi tour of the Amalfi Coast—with no time limits other than that you must return to Naples by the end of the day—is €220, and your driver must take you to Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, and Sorrento.

That is the rate whether you pick up the taxi cab at the Naples airport, the Naples train station, or anywhere else in central Naples.

Amalfi Coast by private driver (from €49 per person) or tour (from €75 per person)

You can also explore the famous Amalfi Coast with your own English-speaking driver to chauffeur you from town to town on a private, full-day excursion from Naples, Sorrento, or most Amalfi Coast towns (including pick up at your hotel, the Naples train station, or a cruise port).

Per person prices start from €49 with just a driver, and from €75 with a guide. Here are some of the best:

Private tours/guides for the Amalfi Coast from Naples

Private drivers & chauffeured tours along the Amalfi Coast from Sorrento

Private tours/guides departing from Positano

Private Amalfi Coast tours departing from Amalfi

Private Amalfi Coast tours departing from Ravello


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How long does the Amalfi Coast take?

Planning your time: Budget at least a day for the Amalfi Coast. Simply to drive the coast without getting out (except to change buses in Amalfi) takes at least five hours—that's three hours touring the coast from Sorrento to Salerno, plus another hour on each end to get to and from those gateway towns.

If you do want to pack it all into a single day—and actually stop and get out in a few towns—it might be best to just book a tour that picks you up at your hotel, gives you time in each of the main Amalfi Coast towns, and returns you to your hotel 6–9 hours later:

  • From Sorrento, group tours start from $40, private drivers from $60, and private tours from $90. » book
  • From Naples, group tours start from $97, private drivers from $55, and private tours from $85. » book

Otherwise, it makes far more sense to spend at least one night on the coast.

If, however, your schedule doesn't have that much leisure time, might I suggest riding the first leg—from Sorrento to Positano to Amalfi—taking a quick spin around Amalfi town, then catching a ferry either back up the coast to Sorrento or over to Capri.

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