Lazio (Latium)

Lazio is dominated by the city of Rome—but it also has its share of hilltowns, wineries, lakes, mountains, and ancient ruins that lie outside the Eternal City

Everybody has heard of Rome, but relatively few realize it is in the region of Lazio (still called "Latium" by die-hard Latinists and old-school Brits).

Lazio actually has lots to recommend it, tourism-wise, but everything is pretty much overshadowed by the city of Rome. Still, here are a few things to see (including Rome) in Lazio.

Places in Lazio

The Roman Forum (Photo by Bert Kaufmann)

A travel guide to the Eternal City

Part of the Grande Cascate waterfall

Tivoli's magnificent villas and gardens that once belonged Roman Emperors or Renaissance princes make for an easy and rewarding sidetrip from Rome

Nemi, in the Castelli Romani of the Alban Hills (Photo by mout1234)

Just south of Rome, in the Alban Hills, lies a string of hilltowns, villages, and vineyards called the Castelli Romani


The Lazio Lakes of Bracciano, Vico, and Bolsena north of the city make for an excellent sidetrip from Rome, Italy


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