How to rent a bicycle in Verona

Sights in Verona are kind of spread out, so grabbing a bike to get around can be a good idea.

Verona Bike is the city's bike-sharing program.

You can sign up for an abbonamento (subscription) online or at the IAT tourist office using a credit card.

A daily abbonamento costs €2 ($2); a weekly one €5 ($6). 

It will give you a passcode and a password (well, you choose that one).

You can then use it to grab a bike at any station for the specified period at the following rates:

  • Up to 30 min: Free
  • Up to 1 hr: €0.50 ($1)
  • Up to 1.5 hr: €1.25 ($1)
  • Up to 2 hr: €2 ($2)
  • Each hour after that: €2 ($2)

Convenient Verona bike stations for tourists:

  • Piazza Brà
  • At Museo di Castelvecchio
  • On Via Cappello (a block SE of Juliet's House)
  • On Piazza Indipendenza (a block E of Piazza delle Erbe)
  • At San Zeno
  • Near the Museo Archeologico
  • Piazza Venticinque Aprile (the closest to the train station, though you have to turn right and walk about 270m—2 min—and across the river to get there)

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