Verona walking tours ★★★

Guided walks and docent-led tours of Verona

I am a fan of walking tours in any city.

I try to take at least one new tour every time I visit Verona, and am always learning something new and fascinating. Even better, Verona walking tours typically only cost €19 ($22)–€60 ($70) each.

How to find and book top Verona walking tours

Below are the best resources to find Verona walking tours, from the docent tours of led by academics, historians, and PhDs in the subject at hand; to the fun and often playful subjects available from the tour brokers at and


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Stick by the guide

On any tour, stick next to the guide like a good, head-of-the-class nerd.

Walking from stop to stop on the tour, you’ll be able to chat with her, ask questions, and hear her answers and explanations not only to your queries but to  everyone else’s questions as well.

You'll get a whole lot more out of your tour (and bang for your buck) if you just stick close to the guide.