Venice practical tips

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Free things to see and do in Venice


Festivals, holidays, traditions, and other events in Venice

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What do do in Venice that will make the whole family happy—Sights, experiences, restaurants, tours, and more

Japanese kai (painted shells for playing kai-awase), Edo period

Free on the first Sunday of the month

Paolo Veronese painted a "Last Supper" in 1573, but censors were incensed by the rowdy crowd scene, so Veronese retitled it "Feast in the House of Levi"

The Early Bird gets the Secret Itineraries tour—yes, there are some museums, monuments, and sights in Venice for which you really need to reserve admission tickets ahead of time


Surviving the acque alte ("high waters") periods when even the streets of Venice become canals


Venice can sometimes seem like a crowded terrbile tourist trap—but you can also still find the Venice about which besotted visitors have been raving for centuries