The Venice cruise port may change

The Venice cruise port may move and the approach may change

There has been a strong movement to deflect large cruise ships from the familiar downtown docks, as they are having a deleterious effect on the fragile old city. This was to have happened in 2014, but the powerful cruise industry deep-sixed the plans to force larger ships to dock at Mestre instead of "downtown" Venice.

Those who actually care about the preservation of Venice did win one small concession: Ships will no longer cruise into Venice along the wide Giudecca Canal but rather come up from the south nearly to the mainland before turning to arrive at the old cruise port via a freshely, more deeply dredged Canale Contorta Sant'Angelo.

This does mean you will no longer cruise through the Bacino San Marco, past the mouth of the Grand Canal and the belltower and domes of St. Mark's Basilica. A litle sad, perhaps, the end of this era, but long overdue.

If nothing else, this new route will eliminate the despicably frequent occurance of some idiot captain, trying to give his passengers a thrill, nosing his boat—entirely illegally—into the mouth of the Grand Canal itself, sometimes getting stuck in the process, and nearly always damaging the already fragile city fabric.

There is also a plan to divert ferries (mostly from Greece and Istria in Croatia) to the mainland docks. If that ever happens, and they have new maps of all of this, I will post them.

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