Cruise terminal—airport connections

How to get to and from the Venice Airport and the cruise terminal

Many cruises that start or end in Venice include transportation to or from the airport.

If it's not included, do not buy the cruise line's "transfer" option.

It will inevitably cost far more than what you'd pay just doing it on your own. (The reason cruises are so relatively inexpensive is that they make virtually all their profits from shore excursions—that and on-board gambling and booze sales.)

The best option: The water ferry (94–114 min; €15 ($17))

The way to get between San Marco airport and Venice's cruise ship port that combines an almost reasonable price with a lovely journey is to hop on the Alilaguna public ferry blue line. » more

At the airport, grab Linea blu (blue) or the Linea Rosso (red) ferry, which makes its leisurely way around Venice, stopping several times and arrives at the Cruise Terminal—the end of the line—in 114 min. (a few early morning runs, from 6:10 to 8:10am, are express and only take 94 min.).

The ticket is only €15 ($17), and that includes 1 suitcase and 1 piece of hand luggage (extra bags: €3 ($3) each).

The classy option: Private boat transfer (30 min; from €130 ($152))

The rub: That's the price if you book the whole boat. Not a good plan for just 2–4 people.

The classy cheapskate option: Shared boat transfer (30–60 min; €30 ($35))

If you want to save a few dollars off the cost of a private boat transfer, take a shared motorboat transfer instead. This is the best semi-provate boat deal for 2–3 people—still cheaper than a water taxi.

It makes up to nine scheduled stops; the irst one is the stop that is closest to the cruise terminal: Piazzale Roma (see "the bus" below for details on options to cover the remaining 900 yards to the port):

The overpriced option: A water taxi (50–60 min.; €110 ($128))

You could also take a private water taxi from the airport to the cruise terminal, but it'll take nearly an hour and cost a dizzying €110 ($128).

The quick-but-dull option: A land taxi (20–30 min; €35 ($41))

taxi (regular, land taxi) from the airport to Stazione Marittima will take about 20 to 30 minutes and cost about €35 ($41).

The cheapest option: The bus (30–40 min; €8 ($9)–€11 ($13))

Take the €8 ($9) ATVO airport shuttle bus ( to the end of the line at Piazzale Roma—which is very close to the port...but not quite there yet.

To cover the final 900 yards from Piazzale Roma to the cruise terminal, you can either:

  • Hop the shuttle bus - Free, and runs every 15 or 20 minutes, but usually available only Saturdays through Mondays, during cruise season, when a big ship is in port.
  • Take the Venice People Mover - A fancy name for a small shuttle train (picture one of those terminal-to-terminal connectors at a large airport). Buy the €1.50 ($2) ticket at a machine; get off at the first stop—"Marittima"—less than 2 minutes later. It runs Mon-Sat 7am–11pm, Sun 8am–10pm (Nov-Mar 8:30am–9pm).
  • Take a (land) taxi - Takes about two minutes, and should run about €5 ($6) (tel. 041-523-7774 or 041-595-2080).
  • Walk - It's 10 to 15 uninspiring minutes along sometimes busy roads. Head away from Venice and up along the beginning of the bridge/causeway to the mainland, then turn left into the port area just after crossing above all the railroad tracks.
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