Getting to Venice by cruise ship or ferry

Arriving in Venice aboard a cruise ship or ferry from Greece or Croatia—How to get between the port and either the airport or downtown Venice

Most cruise ships to or from Venice dock at one of two nearby ports in the southwest corner of the historic center (between the Piazzale Roma parking garages and Tronchetto, just south-southwest of the train station).

The main port of Venice is called Stazione Marittima, and is where most Mediterranean cruises and other big ships dock.

Some smaller ships and ferries and hydrofoils to Croatia and Slovenia (and, in summer, even some larger boats when the Staz. Marittima's full) pull into the old S. Basilio ferry docks just to the southeast of Stazione Marittima along the Zattere.

The easiest way to figure out which one you need is, if you're just arriving in Venice, simply ask as you disembark "Stazione Marittima o San Basilio?"

If you're already in Venice and need to head to the port to catch a ship, make sure you ask beforehand which dock you want. (All things being equal, your best bet is to head first to the main Stazione Marittima; you can always make your way around to the other slip if need be.)


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