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Sailboats (Photo by plb06)

If you love sailing, or just have an unquenchable taste for adventure and new experiences, you can sign on to help crew a boat just about anywhere in the world, including Italy

Vaporetto no. 1 motoring down the Grand Canal (Photo by Cycling Man)

Instead of public buses, Venice has the vaporetti, a flotilla of public water ferries

Taxi (Photo Public Domain)

How to take a motoscafo taxi acquei (water taxi) in Venice

 (Photo by Peter K Burian)

The traghetto da parada is the cheapskate's gondola ride in Venice: €4 to cross the Grand Canal

A gondola on the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge (Photo by Adam Smok)
Venice: Dorsoduro

A gondola ride is the one Venetian tourist trap everyone falls into willingly

A rowing lesson in Venice (Photo courtesy of Carolyn Spencer Brown)

Be a gondolier for the day: Take rowing lessons in a bona-fide gondola or other classic Venetian boat

Take a cruise or private boat trip along the Grand Canal, the lagoon, or the back canals of Venice (Photo courtesy of Context Travel)

Take a sightseeing or dinner cruise in Venice