Cooking class in Venice ★★

Italian cooking class, Cooking class in Venice, Venice, Italy (Photo by USAG Livorno PAO)
Italian cooking class

Learn to cook Italian cuisine in Venice

Instead of just returning home to rave about the amazing Italian dishes you had in Venice, why not return home armed with the skills and recipes to be able to replicate them? Also: Edible cultural experience!

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A cicchetti (or cichetti) crawl though Venice, nibbling on snacks, canapes, & finger foods while enjoying ombra glasses of wine

A cassoulet (Photo by stu_spivack)

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The fruit and vegetable barge on Rio San Barnaba (Photo by NH53)

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Nibble on cicchetti during a bacaro crawl in Venice (Photo courtesy of Context Travel)

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Enjoy vino (or the classic Venetian spritz) on a wine tour of Venice (Photo courtesy of Context Travel)

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All the best there is to eat (and drink) in Venice

 (Photo by Neville Nel)

In vino veritas—the wines of Italy

 (Photo Public Domain)

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A cassoulet (Photo by stu_spivack)

How traditional meals play out in Italy


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